Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    History of Islam    B.Sc.
2    The Principles of Educational Program    B.Sc.
3    Research Methodology    B.Sc.
4    Principles of Educational Planning    M.Sc.
5    Qissertation    M.Sc.
6    Sociology of Education    B.Sc.
7    Introduction to Research in Education    B.Sc.
8    Principles of Cureculum Developement    B.Sc.
9    Principles of or Cureculum    B.Sc.
10    Research progect - Seminar    B.Sc.
11    Introductions to Educational Planning    B.Sc.
12        B.Sc.
13    Principles of or Cureculum    B.Sc.
14    Research progect - Seminar    B.Sc.
15    Introduction to Research in Education    B.Sc.
16    Introductions to Educational Planning    B.Sc.
17    Principles of Cureculum Developement    B.Sc.
18    Inservice education planning    B.Sc.
19    Methedology of teaching and research According to Major    M.Sc.
20    Advanced Resarch method in educational science and psychology    M.Sc.
21    Advanced research methods and computer applications in educational research    M.Sc.
22    Principles of Educational Planning    M.Sc.
23    Principles of Educational Planning    M.Sc.
24    Principals and methods of curriculum    M.Sc.
25    Principals and methods of curriculum    M.Sc.
26    Curriculum in secondary education (secondary high schools)    M.Sc.
27    Analysing Systems and Its Mplications for Edn. Management    M.Sc.
28    Qissertation    M.Sc.
29    English Text - I    
30        Ph.D
31    Research Mcthod in Education    B.Sc.
32    Methodology Based on Educational Sciemces    B.Sc.
33    Research Mcthod in Education    B.Sc.
34        B.Sc.